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The allies had come to a halt in their advance towards rome 100 miles on the south of rome at the town of cassino the axis blocked their advance. The allies tried to break through three times in 1944 starting on january 17th 144.

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Monte cassino ww2. On february 15 the allies bombed and demolished the benedictine monastery erroneously believing that the germans had occupied and fortified it. Despite the allies superior numbers the terrain and winter weather allowed the germans to hold their ground. Second battle of monte cassino order of battle february 1944 is a listing of the significant formations that were involved in the fighting on the winter line in february 1944 during the period generally known as the second battle of monte cassino allied armies in italy c in c.

At the beginning of 1944 the western half of the winter line was being anchored by germans holding the rapido. German resistance in three savage battles. The battle of monte cassino also known as the battle for rome and the battle for cassino was a costly series of four assaults by the allies against the winter line in italy held by axis forces during the italian campaign of world war ii the intention was a breakthrough to rome.

The battle of monte cassino. De bedoeling was de ingesloten geallieerde troepen van de landing bij anzio te bereiken en door te breken naar rome. Actually the germans were able to remove both the monks and the treasures of the abbey.

By professor richard holmes last updated 2011 02 17. The battle of monte cassino was fought january 17 to may 18 1944 during world war ii and saw the allies win after four bloody engagements. De slag om monte cassino ook weleens de slag om rome genoemd was een reeks aanvallen van de geallieerden tijdens de italiaanse veldtocht waarmee zij probeerden door de gustav linie te breken.

And after the bombardment ceased they in. Richard holmes asks whether the epic battle of cassino would have taken place.

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